"State government shouldn't dictate how we should live. Instead, government should protect our most basic rights and our ability to build a productive and successful community."




As taxpayers, we should be extremely disappointed at the lack of return we are receiving on our hard-earned dollars here in Georgia. Mismanagement and neglected priorities have been the status quo for far too long resulting in an enormous amount of waste and missed opportunity.


No matter what side of the aisle you choose to stand, our economy affects us all.

Republican Governor Nathan Deal's office estimates that changes made in the federal tax code under the Trump administration could result in Georgians paying $3.6 billion more in state taxes over the next five years. Many Georgians may pay less in federal taxes, but they will wind up with much larger state tax bills.

I will work to facilitate the re-prioritization of our state budget and work to pass legislation that protects Georgians. My background in finance provides me with unique insight and understanding of economic issues and what the bottom line will mean to you, as a voter.  Cutting waste and putting priorities back on track is what our economy needs. Fresh thinking and solid solutions is what I can provide.


Healthcare is not a partisan issue. It's at the core of our ability to thrive. It's unacceptable to have our most vulnerable, seniors, children, marginalized, and career residents lack dignity in their pursuit of a healthy life. It's unacceptable to not provide the most basic of preventative care and chronic disease management.


Georgia's unwillingness to address their 300,000 people large coverage gap through previous legislation has lead to the an increasingly narrow network of providers and a lack in continuity of care—all at a staggering cost and burden to our state, not to mention a missed opportunity to excel.

Here’s how Georgia stacks up with other states (via WalletHub):

   Overall rank: 46th

    Cost: 38th

    Access: 49th

    Outcomes: 43rd

A guiding principle I subscribe to is the Presbyterians for a Better Georgia Overture recognizing the Biblical imperative for Christians to “heal the sick and take care of our neighbor.” Put simply, we can and should do better.

 As your representative, I plan to address network inadequacy and surprise out-of-network billing in tandem by fighting to pass legislation based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) model of 2015 which advocates for "placing limits on allowable out-of-network charges, setting disclosure and transparency requirements for health care providers, and establishing a process to resolve billing disputes between patients, providers, and health care facilities." Healthcare is a human issue, something I lived and breathed as a healthcare professional, woman and mother.


We live in a community of families. Every one of our kids should have access to quality public primary and secondary schools in Georgia. Investing early, and fully, in quality schools and faculty helps every facet of our district. Property values increase and crime decreases, the financial burden of crippling student debt doesn't further delay the retirement of hardworking parents and seniors. Teachers are paid what they're worth, and economic development thrives.

I will work to make our great schools even more outstanding by supporting ballot initiatives to advocate for teacher compensation and address the gaps in special education. I will make sure that every hardworking high school student has a path to higher education through scholarships. I will work to ensure we set up future generations for lifelong success.


Your government works for YOU. The time for handing out unaccountable dollars to corporations needs to come to an end. For decades there has been a complacency and inability to bring fresh ideas to the table in HD43. This neglect has been amplified since the 2016 presidential election.

Our policies and legislation should reflect the values and needs of our community. You, as a taxpayer, deserve a return on investment in YOUR community, not in the pockets of huge, detached corporations. I will be your unwavering voice and advocate. It's time for renewed clarity and accountability. Let us, as a collective, determine what we deem as important, not special interest groups.

When national leadership is failing, it becomes ever important to have strong state leaders who will work to make sure you know where your legislation is coming from, what it means to you, and keep outside influences accountable. I believe our American values are rooted in local community investments and we must put people over profits.


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